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Hi Everybody,

     My name is Orkun Ates from Turkey. Although I am an engineer, the life is too short to have just one profession. Hence I always found myself having interests in many different fields. I like doing sports especially basketball and martial arts. I stayed in a temple at the top of the wudang mountain in China with taoist monks to study tai-chi chuan and drunken boxing and also stayed in shaolin temple to study gong-fu with budist monks. (See martial arts section on this web site)

     I am an adventurer. I love travelling to different countries to explore fascinating cultures. I have visited more than 58 countries so far and met wonderfull friends. (See my travels section on this web site)

     I am a hyperglot, meaning that I can speak more than 5 foreign languages, can speak 14 languages to be exact. Turkish, English, German, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Chinese, Russian, Ote, Bahasa, Tagalog, Sumerian, Ancient Greek and Kunaka. I have constructed this artificial language with its full functioning grammer. I recommend to you all to learn this fascinating language. (See kunaka section on this web site to learn the language). 

     I have many on going projects and I will try to share the updates on this web site. So please keep in touch.

Love you all,

Orkun Ates

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