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A Final Note From The Author             

This Kunaka Grammer book gives the reader all the essential grammer points needed to be able to speak Kunaka Language. The reader can further improve his/her proficiency in Kunaka by solving the chapter tests after each chapter and the General test at the end of the book.


      I have also added a world famous tale from Aesop “The Ant And The Grasshopper”, in both English and Kunaka Language. It will be a fun puzzle to read the tale in Kunaka using Kunaka alphabet.


     Moreover I have prepared video lessons for Kunaka lovers in my youtube channel to work on grammer and pronunciation of Kunaka, because I strongly believe that pronunciation is an essential part of the language. Hence I strongly recommend all Kunaka enthusiasts to visit my youtube channel to follow my video lessons in order to master the language.


     To reach my youtube channel simply search for “kunaka language” on youtube search bar or directly type the following web address:


I hope to see you all in my Kunaka Video lessons on youtube. Kunaka language web site will be activated as well where all video and grammer lessons will be available with an extended Kunaka-English and English-Kunaka dictionary.


Kunaka web site address is as follows;


     Social events will be organized to gather Kunaka speaking community to exchange their knowledge on the language and practice what they have learned so far with other Kunaka speaking enthusiastics. Furthermore social media will be effectively used to practice Kunaka on forums, whatsapp groups etc.


       We will witness together the day by day expanding Kunaka speaking community all over the world !



Sincerely Yours,


Author: Orkun Ateş

Author Web Site :

Kunaka Web Site :

Kunaka Youtube Channel:


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